about two years ago my hair started falling off really fast and the remaining, probably in mourning for those that fell turned grey. While i came to terms with this new phase it seemed that the people around me sustained a greater shock whose reactions largely fell in the broad categories of this list and annoying the shit out of me:
  1. Hey your hair has turned grey- group
    Yeah thanks , as if I wouldn't have noticed
  2. You are so old - group
    Yes my age has been increasing 5 to 6 years per calendar year so i am about 48 now since you saw me last
  3. You must be stressed- group
    There's no way i can prove these guys wrong i guess, although theres not much evidence that anxiety causes the hair to go grey.
  4. Hey why don't you try hair dye- group
    No thanks i am good in my original form whatever that may be.
  5. The desi remedies-group
    No i wont be putting a mixture of eggs and lemon juice and yogurt and yeast on my head and sitting in the sun for three hours. Id rather make french toast out of the egg mix
  6. The overwhelmed - group
    Yes gawking at my hair for a full ten minutes before being able to utter a word does only make me want to punch u in ur face- definitely the most group i hate the most.