Requested by @BWN_7
Requested by @BWN_7
  1. My parents were busy people
  2. Not so much in work but my father and mother had large families who in one form or the other needed there help or they were busy in projects that wud supplement there income
    It wasn't there fault they just didn't have any other choice
  3. So the only time we got any attention was when we did good in studies
  4. The first time that happened was in grade 5 when i came first in class
  5. I think it was more to do with being able to be close to my parents than interest in academics :) at that time.
  6. We spent the entire day together we also went out to lunch. My dad bought me a rather small electronic piano. I still have that piano somewhere at home. Its a melodic reminder of that wonderful day ages ago.
  7. The prize ceremony was in the morning i think dad didn't go back to the office that day and my mom was a teacher in the same school so she was happy the other teachers congratulated her.
  8. It is my fav event coz it gave me confidence in myself. Although I am still an introvert. My best expression are some achievements.
  9. My parents have long since retired but I guess in a way i still try to do good in academics coz thats still something that immediately helps me connect with my parents.