after months of peer review i heard last night that they are going to publish. Not only that they think its a significant advancement. Its really humbling. But even more surprising were some of the malevolent thoughts that came immediately after as the news sank into me. (In order)
  1. So first thought yayyyyy!!!! I got published ppl can now respect me a lill bit.
  2. My advisor has one less reason for kicking me out yayyy again
  3. When this gets published I should print out a copy in color and send this to dr. Xxxxxx with a big "F*** YOU BITCH, S*** ON THIS" written in bold black marker
    Background: I worked in this guys lab my first semester of my phd. and it didn't work out coz he was a nano-manager and big jerk. He insisted I memorize equations i mean who does that among other things. But also coz he didn't have any funding for me. So when i was leaving he says to me "i think ur a nice guy but not a good scientist". I was totally shaken by that and it was the first time I ever questioned my choice for doing a Phd.
  4. i want to send a second copy of this paper with the same bold lettering as above to dr.yyyyyyy too.
    Background: When i left the lab dr. Xxxxxxxx i started looking for a research home but i cudnt find one coz i was now considered "damaged goods" in terms of research potential so my academic advisor dr. Yyyyyyyyy told me that its ok to quit some ppl just dont work out.
  5. I should tell my wife
  6. I should tell my close friends
  7. I should also tell my parents
  8. Wait that's really passive aggressive.