Don't worry non of the patrons were intentionally creeped-out during compilation of this list.
  1. Two old timer red sox fans. Enjoying there meals. Slow chat and even slower munching clearly catching up. Love how old people dont care at all abt there baggy jeans and old sneakers. On the other hand they prolly saved money to enjoy lunches with there friends.
  2. A girl and a guy. Recently started dating I suppose. There chairs are interlocked so are there legs. The guy is feeling up her arm, she is responding. Wow they grabbed there food and left in a hurry
  3. The girl who is working on her homework and having lunch. I love how ppl can eat and work my ocd would kill me trying to get the smallest oil stains off of my laptop.
  4. The slightly old women and her young son. She seems stressed out the kid seems to be enjoying himself with his toy. She prolly ordered the food only for him. I hope she is ok.
  5. The athletic looking middle aged couple decked out in sports outfits prolly having a cheat meal. The women wipes her face after every bite. They dont talk much i guess they dont have to there connection is prolly too strong to occasionally not need words for expressions. They do look at each other every now and then. Sweet.
  6. Ok my order is up.