(use at your own risk)
  1. Calculate how many years it may take till you rake up enough reward points on ur credit card to be able to buy the watch for free. At my current rate of spending and rewards it'll take me only twelve years to get to 300$ :)
  2. Look up websites which promise to give away the apple watch for free, yup they all seem legit.
  3. Enter yourself into every contest, raffle or draw that promises or even suggests the same never mind the chances you can beat any odds
  4. Shamelessly guilt one of your rich friends into getting you one as a present. Its a selfish world keep up or get out of the way.
  5. Tell your self over and over again thats it's just another toy, what will you do with it once the next version comes out. Not wanting to have it is better than not having it. Trust me.
  6. Meticulously plan and see if you can live off of 60$ groceries a month, maybe stop eating meat or give up veggies altogether (they aren't tasty anyways), for like five years or so. The watch looks better on skinny (or anorexic) ppl anyways
  7. Explain to yourself that the bands are too neutrally colored to suit your flamboyant self.
  8. Observe that the glass on the watch may crack if it falls from waist height and lands face first as demonstrated by the myriads of youtube videos.
  9. Hey they reduced the price by 50 bucks this year at this rate maybe it'll cost 50 dollars in about five years. So keep put.