Eradicating ignorance one question at a time
  1. Say something in pakistani
    This has to be one of the greatest hits. Seriously theres nothing called Pakistani out language is called urdu and it's really beautiful actually.
  2. What does the calligraphy on the wall say?
    People once again calligraphy is mostly in arabic. We can maybe read arabic but we can't understand it. Except for maybe some words which are part of urdu. Since urdu borrowed allot of its words from persian turkish hindi and arabic.
  3. Your english is pretty good?
    While our mother tongue is urdu our official language is english so it's taught from grade school and is used in all offices and professional settings. Its a carry over from the nearly 200 years of british rule over the Indian subcontinent
  4. You must like cricket
    No unfortunately i am the apple that fell far from that tree i have no interest in cricket ppl back home are crazy abt it i am more of the book reading club. So basically a dork back home.
  5. Do you have refrigerators back home
    This is one of the more ignorant ones. I am tempted to say no we cool our sodas in large mud urns.
  6. Do you have tigers in your back yard
    Ok a kid asked me this so it was cute. No kid maybe in the wild i guess but not in the cities.
  7. What does "inshallah" mean
    Ok this is imp a poor guy was recently kicked off a flight coz someone overhead him say this over the phone and naturally got suspicious. It is understandable though with the environment as it is these days. But inshallah in arabic simply means god willing its a term muslims everywhere use in general conversation almost as a reflex without noticing it very much its like ppl say see ya or take care. Nothing sinister about it really.
  8. So your country must be all desert
    No, well some parts are towards the south but we have fertile plains and snowy mountains and Islamabad the capital where i am from is one of the most green and beautiful city at the foot hills of the great himalayas in my view. Just google up some images.
  9. You guys don't drink alcohol so what do you do for fun
    Well yes we don't drink as per muslim tradition but our societies are mostly liberal so we have an awesome music seen, we have festivals, and some parties could rival any anywhere seriously (not something to be proud off but still). I mean our weddings last at least three days. Recently our film industry has seen an awesome come back with sharmeen obaid winning her second oscar this year, really proud of her.
  10. Hey is pakistani and indian food the same (i never mind the food questions)
    Yeah for most part it is except that our cuisine revolves around meat. So our curries will always have meat in some form and indians by virtue that hindus are traditionally vegetarians usually have more vegetarian dishes. Btw indians are excellent vegetarian cooks. But yeah both countries have awesome tasty food.
  11. You guys must hate jews
    Well ive never met a jew who was hostile to me. Well maybe that jewish professor back in grad school who nearly failed me in optics but then maybe that was coz I wasn't any good at it.
  12. You guys hate indians
    Seriously people once again governments have there own political reasons but ive never met a hostile indian in fact my advisor is an indian (although he does get hostile when i dont give him good results but thats prolly coz i am too busy listing) and so are some of my best friends.