Peculiarities I have observe and am amused or impressed with being a foreign student here in the USA.
  1. Americans love kids whether there own or someone else's. Its a great conversation starter for them on the train or at the bus station. It's cute
  2. Why does the food all mostly taste the same. Ok this may be localized but this student dinning hall i go to seriously the noodles taste the same as the chicken tandoori they try to make. Or the lasagne taste same as the chicken roll. Seriously blind folded u cant know the difference.
  3. Despite however late they are out drinking or whatever they were up to the night before, people are at work on time and students in classes.
  4. Whats with the 5-6 pm dinners. I was at the u of Nebraska campus a few years ago and everyone used to have dinner between 5-6pm. And since most places closed down after that i used to be left hungry since my dinner clock is set to sundown. I don't feel like dinner till its dark.
  5. Only Americans could have invented things like the derby parties, the jumbo hot dog, triple patty burgers, shows that have 24 episodes a season and run for years and Netflix :)
  6. Contrary to what hollywood has us believe most Americans i come across maintain cordial ties with there parents, while the parents and the adult kids live separate independent lives they do keep in touch. Hollywood is crazy.
  7. Can't understand there obsession with guns.
  8. Can't understand why theres still a debate outside of science about whether climate change is a man made consequence or not.
  9. Love the fact that people are not afraid of admitting they dont know something, mostly, even the biggest professors dont mind admitting they dont know something instead of bullshitting someone.
  10. Most of all i love that whatever there understanding about a topic most Americans are open to hearing views from first hand witnesses. For example many people have told me that they wud have believed the trump rhetoric on muslims if they hadn't met me or other muslims in there community.
    I believe that with the right message and personal example (as displayed by many muslim communities throughout the country) we can dispel the prevalent stereotype and do away with this tool that some politician tend to use against us.