So today (1st may) was my 35th bday. Instead of pondering over how and where i went wrong since i have lesser money now than i had at 25 i ate a bunch of things and did a lot of stuff. I am gonna concentrate on that 😈🤓😜👊🎁 in this list
  1. So my wife made me a snack at 12 am to mark the start of my bday
  2. I also had a gulab jaman at midnight
  3. I did the laundry at night too
  4. Binge watched season 8 the office with the wife
  5. Had a mug of avocado smoothie in the morning
  6. Did a morning jog with the wife the weather was so awesome
  7. Had my bday lunch, we wanted dinner but we got greedy and ate it all in the afternoon, my wife made chicken roll-parathas in a garlic mayo sauce
  8. And my bday dessert tiramisu dish and we ate it half in one sitting
  9. Then we had the rest of it later at night
  10. And then binged on season 9 the office
  11. Watched the rain from my window, love the smell
  12. The only thing missing were my parents who didn't wish me since for a few years they've started weirdly believing that it's against there religious beliefs to wish birthdays they r ok with anniversaries though for some reason
    But i am thankful i have my wife and friends arnd the world to celebrate my day with me.