1. Can you fix the fridge
    The fridge in question was twenty year old and mom got it as a wedding present, the company that made it wouldn't own it i am sure.
  2. Can you fix the projector the image on the screen seems to be cropped at the top
    Yeah its called a screen adjustment control and its right there on the wall
  3. Can you fix the door it wont close fully despite the spring loaded door closer
  4. You should be able to code an app easily
    Yeah i am really not a character from the mission impossible movies
  5. A mechanical engineer should have no trouble understanding the mechanics of marathon training
    this seriously happened only a few days ago
  6. Engineers should be able to understand sarcasm
    Yeah I probably skipped that class. To be honest there is a whole year pf undergrad thats a bit hazy to me ;)
  7. Ppl are surprised that i dont have accounts on all social media sites and am not as socially apt.