A list by @Adunni got me thinking.
  1. It may have been understandable when we first crawled out of caves eons ago to be scared of the people who did not look like us. But how is that mentality still able to perpetuate. Today we have all sorts of social media and information that is accessible in nano seconds on a myriad of devices, that shud help dispel such nuances.
  2. We believe that we have evolved and our ingenuity and understanding has never been greater. But will this claim of modernization be only limited to our inventions our mastery of earth and sky. How is it not able to transfer into understanding of diversity.
  3. I guess the pull of having to feel superior to someone is far too great than any inclination for uncovering the truth.
  4. I sometimes imagine what a monochromatic boring world it would have been had everyone looked, thought, talked and believed in the same things. I think its our diversity that makes us so interesting in the past month alone I've met a girl from uganda and a guy from a town in siberia and its been amazing. they had never met someone from pakistan.
  5. I also believe that its always an active choice for a person to believe despite the indoctrination they received if they are willing too. We were able to make all our inventions and beliefs possible coz someone chose to believe they were possible.
    But if the younger generation is still believing in whats its been told then it's hopeless. And maybe some of them are destined to head back to the caves and up the trees, which may be good news for us but not so much for the creatures in the trees.
  6. I also believe that whether one choses or not to hear it or to show it each and every one of us knows deep down when we r doing something wrong. Its in our essence as human beings. Racism or any crime for that matter against humanity is the degree to which the individual is able to suppress that essence.
  7. Lastly in the words of a famous developmental biologist who came to lecture us. 'The gut is the first part to form in a fetus, but most ppl never develop beyond being an asshole'