I came across this guy in my local staples; he was a high school grad from Oklahoma there to buy a desk for his dorm room with his parents since he had gotten into Harvard medical school
  1. He was sitting on a chair he was prolly testing out with his feet up on a desk in the showroom while mom and dad were trying to figure out which one of the many desks and chair combos to buy.
  2. Mom: beta (they were indian i guess) what abt this one, pointing to one desk.
    Son: oh mom i dunno seems biggish
  3. Dad pulls out his measuring tape to measure
    Son: oh dad would u quit being a dork (feeling embarrassed dad put his tape back in)
  4. Mom: Beta you shudnt talk to ur father like that
    Son: just shutup mom , ( in the most dismissive tone ever)
  5. All the while he was sitting wih his feet up on some desk like he owned the freaking place.
  6. I shudder to think of the poor people he is going to treat when he actually graduates