I love gangster/ mobster kinda movies and this is on my top list now
  1. Can't believe I hadn't seen it till now
  2. I feel suddenly hungry for steak, burgers, blue berry pancakes with eggs n five sausages
  3. If someone is gonna shoot me i want him to read the vengeance passage out of the bible with the same accent coz its cool
  4. Found a new appreciation for a 'comfortable silence'
  5. Love the mellow coolness of "girl ul be a woman soon"
  6. Don't steal stuff from marsellus wallace coz he is not a bitch
  7. Don't forget butch's fathers watch
  8. "Z's dead baby Z's dead"
  9. Don't give mia a foot rub no matter how gud her feet look
  10. Don't rob a restaurant where vincent and jules having there meal
  11. I wanna get a wallet that says "bad motherfuker" on ;)