I swear u can't unsee stuff like that but it was pretty hilarious cause it caught me off guard (p.s i am ok with ppl choosing to have tattoos of watever they want wherever)
  1. I volunteer at a place where we prepare and serve a healthy meal to ppl
  2. That day we had peas and stake and other stuff and i was asking every person who was coming by "Sir wud u like to have some peas with ur steak."
  3. And then this big white guy shows up his shirt was buttoned down till at least his midriff and on his breast bone was the biggest tattoo of the male organ in all its glory veins and such included and accompanying condiments.
  4. I was so caught off guard i almost asked him "Sir would u like to some PENI....peas with ur steak" applied the breaks at the last second while keeping a straight face.
  5. And this dude was really buff he could have easily punched me into next week, so i had to try extra hard to keep my face straight :)