What an airhead!.....may I have a redo? Time for a little retrospective of a real winning moment(s)

@dad3 thanks for the request. A lill background before moving to the US me and my wife used to live in my parents huge house in islamabad Pakistan. Back home its kinda normal and expected for children to live with there parents even after getting married, so no judging pls.
  1. So while i worked for an oil and gas concern in Pak. I was closely associated with the US embassy in Pak through their various cultural programs and so one Sunday back in april 2011 they invited my wife and i to brunch at a very exclusive country club.
  2. Obviously we were both excited about it so on the appointed day we both suited up and announced that we wont be having brunch at home and left. It needs to be emphasized that it takes my wife abt two to three hours to doll up (the end result is very much worth the wait so no complaints)
  3. Sunday brunch at our home is also no small affair, my mom is an excellent cook
  4. We both were very much looking forward to this as we drove out
  5. All guests need to checkin at the entrance, so hosts need to provide a list of there guests to the gate ppl.
  6. Except that the gate person cudnt find my name on there, ok this is embarrassing, so i called up a guy i know at the embassy and he wudnt pick up, more embarrassing....
  7. Then he called me back, he sounded sleepy....alarm bells.....so dude i am not on the guest list and he is like what guest list and i am like the brunch and he is like dude thats NEXT SUNDAY
    FUCK FUCK FUCK.....:)
  8. When i told my wife she just started at me lolzzzz
  9. So we cudnt go back home so i took her to another place for brunch and we went back home and told everyone how awesome the club brunch had been
    Yes had to lie i cudnt bring myself to tell everyone u know i am small person i know
  10. We didnt go the following week to the actual brunch Lolzzz