As revealed by a trip to the grocery store (a bit of self mockery)
  1. You haven't had any other fruit except for clementines since no other fruit has gone on sale.
  2. U re-shelf a bakery cake after finding out its $5.
  3. 60$ is a good budget for two for about twenty days with home cooking
  4. U come back for orange juice another day hoping it may be on sale
  5. U imagine buying that 5$ french cheese wedge if it ever goes on sale
  6. U check and point out discrepancies in the bill as each item is being rung up
  7. U pretend to make healthy choices of food by not buying the 4$ bag of chips when actually if it were cheaper
  8. U only have ice cream when the tub goes on sale for 1.5$ whether its hot or cold outside
  9. U never buy the two for 5$ bread since getting one for 2.5$ is cheaper-wierd
  10. U get the three for 2$ avocados and use a quarter in a smoothie each day
  11. Cereal at 4$ a box last only three days seems pretty expensive oatmeal is yuk u switch to a smoothie for breakfast altogether
  12. Hummus and bread is an awesome meal
  13. But most of all u know ur grad student poor but u wont trade this experience for anything else in the world.