Nico's SnapChat Scavenger Hunt at Stanford @nicosandi @mikerios313

  1. Someone riding a boosted board
  2. Katie Ledecky
    Bonus: Katie Ledecky riding a boosted board
  3. You using your own library card to check out a real book from the Stanford library
  4. University catering options
  5. The Stanford undergraduate version of Erlich Bachman
  6. The Skutt 104/5 of Stanford
  7. The first person to invite you to Burning Man
  8. The first person to invite you to Coachella
  9. Alpha Phis
  10. A baby cuter than Juniper
  11. Something in Palo Alto that would fit right in at the homestead
  12. Someone struggling with technology
    Bonus points if you can capture the moment someone says "But this is Silicon Valley!"
  13. Another Bolivian
    Suggested by   @mikerios313
  14. Pub Safe jumping someone's car
    Bonus: Pub Safe cutting a bike lock that's been there for too long
    Suggested by   @mikerios313
  15. A Creighton-caliber location/mascot play on words related to Trees
    #javajay #brewjay #nest #birdfeeder #jaybucks
    Suggested by   @mikerios313