Songs that would have been our jams, if @mikerios313 and I could have been teenagers 1995-2005

I imagine us cruising around town in my parents' 1989 Nissan Sentra ("the Silver Bullet") rocking out to these. Now you can make the mix CD that could have been!
  1. "Life Goes On," 2pac
    We would have sung along to the whole thing and felt awkward and unsure about the use of the "n word." We also wouldn't have known what "pouring one out" meant and couldn't have googled it. Frustrating, but we would get through it together.
  2. "Nothin' But a Thang," Dr Dre feat. Snoop Dogg
    I would be Dr. Dre and you would be Snoop Dogg. Then, when you came to visit me in college in Madison, we would go to the Karaoke Kid and karaoke the hell out of this. Come to think of it, we should still do that.
  3. "Just A Friend," Biz Markie
    You would've been able to take the lead vocals on this one because Biz Markie's voice kind of sounds like he's in puberty.
  4. "Damn it feels good to be a gangsta," Geto Boys
    From the 90's cult hit "Office Space," starring Jennifer Aniston's old nose.
  5. "No Woman No Cry," The Fugees
    This is the forgotten song of the Fugees' hugely popular album in the late 1990s. We would've been really proud of ourselves for discovering it. Also, you probably could've learned it on the guitar, which would have gotten you girls.
  6. "Hard Knock Life," Jay Z
    This is basically the perfect rap song for us, because it samples a cheesy musical ("Annie"). To my knowledge, there are no rap songs that sample The Music Man, though I see this as a missed opportunity.
  7. "What if I Was White," Sticky Fingaz feat. Eminem
    I imagine we would've spent hours—HOURS—in the silver bullet dissecting Eminem. This song would've been helpful tool for us to unpack racial disparity in rap music.
  8. "Dilemma," Nelly feat. Kelly Rowland
    We would have argued about who got to do which part. We would both want to be Nelly because you get to wear a band-aid on your face, which is cool to this day.
  9. "'03 Bonnie and Clyde," Jay Z feat. Beyonce
    Again, we would have argued over who got to sing which part. Also, we would have speculated about 1) if Beyoncé was in fact the most talented member of Destiny's Child and 2) the status of their relationship, which was unconfirmed at the time, but was one of the most important cultural debates of the early 2000's.