1. The city is going to put in the speed bump at the end of August or beginning of September.
    Mom and I are going to set up lawn chairs with margaritas and watch people fly over it the first week.
  2. LaRue cleared out an entire closet for Chris Culhane!
    He gave his old pants to Miles in exchange for mowing the lawn. He also took down the closet doors in the big closet. He says he is going to put a curtain there instead.
  3. We got a new printer in Creighton Hall.
    I had to go to a training for it. We learned what "the cloud" is 😑.
  4. I regularly put Greek yogurt in the oats these days.
    This is really going to mess up your breakfast NicoSystem, because you typically consume yogurt and oats separately. I am prepared to support you through this transition. I am also now putting Aronia berries in the smoothie!
  5. In the last week, both "Vimeo" and "Silicon Valley" have been answers on Jeopardy.
    Is there a Bolivian Jeopardy? Sometime, I would like you to tell me about game shows in Bolivia.
  6. After dinner, we have a ninja warrior challenge to throw Juniper's leftover food from the deck to the chicken coop.
    The corn cobs are easiest to throw. Food often gets lodged in the top of the coop.
  7. We miss you! Come home soon!
    If you have problems with your visa, I will get someone from the SCSJ to send a service trip down there to marry you. They provide the spouse and the minister.