Things People Think They Like But They Don't Actually Like

Let's stop pretending!
  1. Parades
    Large crowds. Only two groups ever put work into their floats. The rest is people in pickup trucks throwing candy at your head.
  2. Weddings
    So expensive. You don't know anyone. Food is terrible. Face hurts from smiling.
  3. Live Music
  4. The symphony
    How many times can you read every word of the program?
  5. Jazz on the Green
    Jazz is already boring! Why are we making it worse by being in direct sunlight with ants?!
  6. Puzzles
    Let's stare at meaninglessness for a few hours. Now it's a farm scene!
  7. Wine tastings
    Instead of one, giant, satisfying glass of wine, I have 8 tiny sips and I have to act like I can taste the difference.