Tiny shit shows in my house

Rated on a scale of 1-3 💩
  1. Bedroom Chair Shit Show
    No joke: the bottom of this pile is my graduation robe. From MAY. 💩💩
  2. Bathroom Shit Show
    I have a ton of storage, I never wear makeup, and I take 30 seconds to get ready. Why is there a pile of shit here? 💩
  3. Dinette Table Shit Show
    Because we never actually eat at this table, we leave stuff here that's not quite worthy of placement in the bedroom or kitchen. Catholic Worker, stale tortilla chips, breast pump parts, gin. 💩💩💩
  4. Entry Shit Show
    Welcome to our home, honored guests! Please try not to trip over 50 lbs of shit for 18 lbs of baby. 💩💩
  5. Baby Area Shit Show
    This doesn't actually look that bad but plastic baby shit can multiply so you turn your back and suddenly there are 1000. Currently: 💩 Potentially: 💩💩💩