Things that irritate me that are out of my control

  1. Transit delays. Whether it be a plane, train or automobile I am always mindful and respect policies / show up on time, it is infuriating to be told you are powerless in determining your arrival and then feeling like you're the jackass for having to explain why you aren't where you said you'd be.
  2. People who walk slowly or suddenly stop on the sidewalk. I suppose in a way this relates to my irritation of feeling thwarted in getting to my destination. It irks me when people are seemingly obvious to their own bodies and don't show respect for the people around them.
  3. Arguing with ignorant people. As Bill Murray once said, "It's hard to win an argument with a smart person, it's damn near impossible to win one with a stupid one." Open your ears and minds to other people. Even if you don't agree with them at least you may walk a way with a new perspective.
  4. Having to feel guilty for wearing clothing that I think is flattering to my body. Being cat-called is one of the strongest forms of public abasement in our society. I don't want to feel unsafe because I'm wearing a shirt that shows off my figure. I don't scream or walk up to men and make comments about their bodies.
  5. Rude Internet comments. Why.