5 Things I Learned From Improv That Won't Help Me Restore The Napoleonic Dynasty

Ever since I started taking improv classes, I have learned so many lessons that are universal, to an extent.
  1. 1. "Yes, And"
    Undoubtedly the first and most important tenant in improv, and the most useless in trying to reestablish one of the most powerful continuous empires that the world has seen. If I said, "Yes, and," to everything then my enemies can easily walk all over me, even though my scene partners will have one of the best scenes of their life.
  2. 2. Have Each Others Back
    Improv is a team effort, in that everybody has to be good for the whole set/scene to be good. Trust in one another is key. The same can't be said for reconstruction an empire that celebrates a single consolidation of unchallengeable power. Trust of others must be earned, but never kept at all times. Traitors lurk at every corner.
  3. 3. Listen, listen, listen
    A good improv scene requires clear-cut communication, which means that everybody has to listen to everybody that's playing. Sadly, in the new Napoleonic Empire, one must only listen to oneself as all external voices are just trying to pull you down from achieving true omnipotence!
  4. 4. Not everything has to be about you
    As stated previously, improv is a communal experience, and everyone is key, but damn that notion if I want to be the Almighty ruler of a nation with ever-expanding borders! The best improv shows are the ones where everyone gets the chance to shine, sadly in my reign, only my lineage will be the beacon that all will look up towards and no other more.
  5. 5. Just have fun
    Improv is both an art form and a game. Always take time to appreciate your scene and partners, which is a good sign that you're doing it properly. On the other hand, fun is a luxury that doesn't shine upon those that want glory of untold riches and spoils of conquest. Let it be known that my enemies do not stand a chance once the return of the encroaching shadow of the Neo-Napoleonic Empire!!!