A "30 Rock" episode set in the "Marvel Cinematic Universe"

i got inspired by the pitch for a 2016 The Office US episode by @hollis. if you haven't seen it, please check it out.
  1. After the "Attack on New York City," Tracy is inspired to protect it.
    After all, it is his home, and of his baby alligators that he flushed down the toilet of a ladies' restroom at the AMC in Times Square.
  2. Liz finds out about his new distraction and tries to put a stop to it.
    Little does she know that Tracy is not the only wannabe superhero in TGS.
  3. And it's surprisingly niether one of these guys...
  4. It's Jenna, obviously. And this causes Liz's eyes to roll even more.
    "Don't stop me now, Liz. I think my baths with the radioactive rabid raccoons [pronounced ruh-kouns] are starting to kick in. Why, my human teeth are falling out to make way for my sharp raccoon ones!"
  5. Jack gets wind of this and puts the blame on Liz Lemon's lack of Stark-esque leadership.
    "If this is your attempt at assembling your own Avengers, then humanity's doom rests on your hotdog-water-sweaty-palms."
  6. Kenneth did not know what to make of the situation until he heard Mr. Donaghy's words.
    "Reverend Gary was right! And you were wrong, Jacob! The end of humanity will be at the hands of a female Tom Selleck."
  7. Grizz and Dotcom are conflicted about Tracy's costume's theme.
    Dotcom wants it to be dark and brooding, but Grizz thinks a bright neon cape will compliment Tracy's persona.
  8. Dr. Leo Spaceman accidentally concocts his version of the "Super Solider Serum" while trying to make a martini out of medical waste.
    "Hail Heidi!"
  9. Hazel tries to seduce Dr. Spaceman into injecting her with the serum.
    "Come on, baby! Mama needs help to get back at that anemic detective chick that's erotically strong. She humiliated me infront of that nun that I tried to mug."
  10. Pete is blissfully day dreaming of the time he almost got crushed by one of those alien whale creatures.
  11. Hannibal Buress' bum character shows up for some words of wisdom.
    "With great power comes great responsibility. So, aim low."
  12. The episode concludes with Liz managing to subvert the problem by showing Jenna and Tracy that the Avengers don't get paid being heroes, Jack manages to sell 20% of NBC to Stark Industries, and Kenneth hints his other dimensionally secret right before the screen fades to black.
    THE END.