I Was Pondering The Universe's Greatest Mysteries And Came Up With A Great Idea For A Sandwhich

McArthur Genius Grants will be suffiecnt forms of gratitude.
  1. Bread Slice
  2. Melted Gouda
  3. Spinach Spread
  4. Pinches of fresh pepper, oregano, kosher salt & garlic powder
  5. Romaine Lettuce
  6. 5 slices of jamon Iberico
  7. Poached Egg
  8. Lox
  9. Lightly seasoned Ground Wagyu Beef
  10. Brown Mustard
  11. Sriracha Sauce
  12. Grilled Bottom Burger Bun
  13. Thanks, existential crisis!👍
  14. You're welcome, society!✋
  15. Optional: Place inside Bread Bowl