Instead of the boring and old way of turning the light of then on, or jumping out from behind furniture gags, I'm here to list new and interesting ways to spice up ways to surprise a party celebrant.
  1. "Suprisetervention"
    When celebrant enters the party venue, make sure that you and several of their closest friends are sitting in an ominous circle, with one vacant seat in the center. Lead and sit them to that seat. Begin an intervention where everyone in the circle begins to call out that person's little flaws. Never specify what the intervention is about. As soon as you see them on the verge of tears, signal the other partygoers to jump out and surprise the emotional celebrant, creating an emotional 180! Hooray!
  2. "Flash Mob Required"
    Assemble an elaborate flash mob at your local plaza, or mall's atrium, dedicated to a celebrant. Make sure it is video taped. Save a copy of that flash mob performance. The day after that, take the celebrant over to where it happened. Show them the video. See the look on their face when you tell them that the whole flash mob was for them. What a Surprise!
  3. "Break for the Border"
    This requires a lot planning and bureaucracy. First, establish a 6 month absence by making a dramatic disappearance that points to you leaving for a Central American country of your choosing. Make it evident via social media that you are enjoying your new life. With weeks left before the actual party, fake your death and make sure your funeral happens on the day before it. Have your lawyer send a letter to other attendees of your gag. As they slowly lower your casket down, jump out!
  4. "Parental Guidance"
    This for you, new parents of small children out there. Abandon the child at a very young age, but always be an earshot away. Never evidently intervene in their life. Follow them until they have a child of their own, or reach a level of great professional stature. Once a party is thrown for any of those two life events, appear in front of them, and reveal that you have been an invisible manipulative hand up to that point. After that live life normally, as if it never happened. Deny! Deny! Deny!
  5. "Mind Control"
    A masters degree in both chemistry and psychology is required for this gag, or find two people with respective expertise willing to cooperate with your plan. Next, invent a mind controlling drug. Somehow slip the drug into the person's meal or drink, or maybe it's a suppository. Train them to act surprised at every party that is thrown in their name. Simple, sweet and scientific!
  6. "Coffee for (insert celebrants name)"
    Take the intended party celebrant to any coffee shop. Order your drink, and have them order theirs. Make sure you convince them to order something everybody is getting to force them into having to give their name to the cashier. As the barista calls for your friend's order, grab it before they do and chug that drink, no matter how much it is burning your oral orifice. After finishing it, slam the cup down,and breathily whisper your party greeting into their ear.
  7. "BeelzeBOO!"
    To make this gag work you have to make sure that the party is planned during a blood moon. With that said, first you must create a pentagram, surrounded by all the attendees. Next you all chant an incantation to invite The Pressence. As soon as the room gets darker than normal, all must jump into the newly open portal. Wait inside there until celebrant arrives. As soon as they arrive, leap out of the depth of Inferno with your fellow-new-demons and enjoy one Hell of a party!
  8. "Absurd Adult Petting Zoo Surprise"
    Throw a party for someone, birthdays work best for this one. Make sure to hire a petting zoo. During the day of the party, have fun, mingle, enjoy the petting zoo you hired, and wait for that typical party lull, which is statically at the party's 2nd hour mark. Once that hits, all the animals in the petting zoo begin to convulse. As the celebrant, you, and others gather around the phenomena, things slowly crawl out the animals. It's you and the other partygoers! TADA!
  9. SURPRISE!!!
  10. This whole list was an elaborate ploy to surprise you!
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  12. See, I told you that I didn't forget. . . that thing 😁
  14. Comeback!!!😭