The photos of Jon Hamm that made me question my ability to recognize shapes

It's like my whole pre-school education got thrown out a Madison Ave. skyscraper window.
  1. Is hot in here, or can I not recognize these four-sided flat plane figures surrounding me?
  2. Woah! Can anybody please explain to me why I can't understand these figures with equal angles?
  3. What's a "square?" Is that like some band? What is this other thing that looks like two conjoined curves?
  4. So many unexplainable objects surrounding me!?! Is this Hell!?!
  5. What stage of Hell have I entered!?!
  6. I plead to Beelzebub to release me from this entropy of random angulars and depthless planes that I cannot make sense of!!!
  7. No, no, I cannot take it anymore! All of this! All of it! What are these!?!
  8. ◼️
  9. ⚫️
  10. 🔺
  11. Please, no more! My mind can only process so much of these unrecognizable things.
  12. that a fedora? Nope. I'm leaving through that upright rectangular exit, now. Byeeeee!