I'm 19 years late and just read the first HP. I turned 25 and realized I have an interest in witch craft and wizardry.
  1. Totally sucks that Harry has to go back to the Dursley's for the summer.
  2. Are Dumbledore and Prof. McGonagall romantically interested in each other?
  3. When do Hogwarts students learn calc and geometry?
  4. The food at Hogwarts is probably the only school dining hall that is better than the Skidmore dining hall
  5. For having zero friends ever in his life, Harry is pretty well adjusted, socially.
  6. I put Professor Stromwell from Legally Blonde and Prof McGonagall in the same professor boat. Serious with a heart, if you deserve it.
  7. Is Hogwarts on the common app? Asking for a friend.