1. My Christmas tree
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  2. The smell of chocolate peppermint cookies baking in my oven.
    It smells like the holidays and goodness and a hug from my mom.
  3. The fact that those cookies are going to destroy all comers at the bake sale they're destined for tomorrow.
    i love that I work for a non-profit that raises money for local charities. I love baking for a cause. But I'm ashamed to admit, I want my damn cookies to be the best thing on the table. It's a sickness. I'm working on it.
  4. The artistic director at my company saying "Deanna is awesome!" during a meeting with out-of-town producers and the rest of the upper-ups in the company today.
    I've only been at the job for a few months, after years at a company whose owner was a clueless jackass who had no respect for my abilities because I'm a dumb ol' girl. Made my day.
  5. My 3-year-old nephew's new habit of shrieking "Auntie Deeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee" and jumping up and down when I come over to visit.
    He kills me.