1. Four checks I need to deposit at the bank
  2. iPhone 5s and charger
  3. A super-old 8GB iPod. I think it's from 2007. I still listen to it all the time.
  4. A to-do list written on the back of a photocopied page from a kids' coloring book (it's a giraffe)
  5. A foldable, reusable tote bag
  6. Peanuts Christmas stamps
  7. 40 Canadian dollars (I'm not Canadian nor do I live in Canada)
  8. The dongle for my Fitbit. Never know where you're going to need to recharge.
  9. Birth control pills
  10. A sticker I picked up from the counter at REI
  11. The funeral home "in memory of" card from my best friend's funeral in 2014.