I wanted to share with the List community two amazing up and coming female artists. Both these women are extremely talented and have created a very unique sound.
  1. Tish Hyman
    Remember the name. Tish Hyman is hands down my number one pick for who’s up next in 2016. She is without a doubt one of the most talented artists out right now and her down to earth personality shines straight through her music. Tish’s story is captivating and her music is on another level. She has been making her way into the studio with the likes of Diddy and Ye so we know something new is going to surface soon ..check out her video Subway Talk
  2. Leikeli47
    Leikeli47 is a masked rapper currently making waves in the industry. From day one I have been intrigued by the unique sound her camp keeps putting out and her choice to preform behind the mask. She has the ability to mesh classic hip hop sound with unconventional beats and is something special. Recently featured on a playlist for Alexander Wang’s fashion show and a top pick on Jay Z’s Tidal music streaming app, 47 will be climbing the billboard charts in no time. Check out her soundcloud