Thailand, a colorful nation of roughly 70 million that takes pride in its cultural heritage, culinary ingenuity and natural wonders, offers a wealth of magical photo opportunities. Here are our picks for some of the most snap-worthy spots. Read the full story: http://bit.ly/1XBooVx
  1. Picturesque Spot: Chiang Mai
    When the Lanna kings fortified Chiang Mai in the 1200s, they were not only ensuring their own protection from enemies but also preserving their wats, or houses of worship. You could spend days in awe of the 200-plus structures around town, but save the most space on your camera phone for Wat Suan Dok, a temple that’s covered in whitewashed chedi and shimmering gold. Another photo hot spot: Anantara Chiang Mai Resort & Spa's alluring pool.
  2. Picturesque Spot: Bangkok
    Just a few minutes in downtown Bangkok traffic will reveal all you need to know about the city’s feisty nature. Detour from the parade of scooters by walking around Pak Klong Talad (Bangkok Flower Market). With the ubiquitous aroma of jasmine in the air, interact with vendors peddling garland arrangements, rose bouquets and crafted wares. Another photo hot spot: The Peninsula Bangkok's dazzling lit-up boats along the river.
  3. Picturesque Spot: Khao Sok National Park
    The number of wild Asian elephants once reached more than 300,000 across Thailand. Today, sadly, that figure has dropped under 4,000. Khao Sok National Park’s Elephant Hills, which is roughly a two-hour drive from Phuket International Airport, has made it its mission to protect the trunked mammal population and raise awareness of its importance in the wild. With amicable guides and mahouts (elephant trainers) by your side, you watch the animals play, give them baths and prepare their meals.