1. at age 8
    I would make a blanket tent out of my day bed and invite my younger sister to "camp" with me ⛺️
  2. at age 11
    Read a book with one hand on the light switch in case I heard my parents coming down the hall to check on my sister and I 📚
  3. at age 12
    Drag a sleeping bag into the walk in closet and sleep behind the clothes, imaging that I was a pitiful thing with a tragic life
  4. at age 13-15
    Cry because things seem (are?) hard when you're in middle school and that's okay.
  5. at age 16-18
    Stay up Facebook messaging boys in the dining room instead of studying; listen to angry/sad music and feel tired but not.
  6. at age 19-20
    Girl had her shit together. Never had a problem sleeping, gold star! ⭐️ good job working out, too, that probably helped.
  7. at age 23
    Make a list of ways I used to deal with not sleeping.
  8. I came here to make a list and dramatize my current situation but instead I've finished this list and realized that sometimes I make up drama for myself when there is none, because my life is actually really amazing.
  9. I had a wonderful, tranquil childhood. I have a wonderful, loving human who's all mine, fast asleep, breathing loudly next to me now. I've been too blessed to be anything but grateful. Goodnight, listers.