I would have been in 5th grade at 10 years old
  1. Waking up from a Sleepover
    This is the ultimate thing to do at 10 years old. Though I didn't have cable, any game system, or anything cool at my house growing up
  2. Going to Jafars House
    One of my best friends growing up was really named Jafar. He was half Mexican half Iranian and lived a street over from me. We use to skateboard together. He also had cable, I didn't. Internet, I didn't. And, most importantly a swimming pool
  3. Skateboarding
    I got into skateboarding around this time. I loved it so much. There was about 5/6 of us in my neighborhood that would get together and skate at the church parking lot. Board sliding and kick flipping parking blocks
  4. Going to Hasting
    This for some reason was the end all be all in my town. From 5th grade till a senior in high school I would spend at least 2 hours here a day.
  5. Renting a movie with my parents
    Remember when it took like 3/4 hours to rent a vhs? You walked around and read everything??! Well we would rent movies on the weekend. I wasn't allowed to go to the movies as a kid so my parents always rented movies. Darn Religion. Still watched a lot of good movies at home