Nanny Roller is 82. Her and all her sisters are widows. They out lived their husbands and all moved back to the town the grow up in. They are crazy. They gamble all the time. They are rich. Most importantly super funny. These are a few things she has said over the weekend
  1. "We need to sale more gravy"
  2. "Yea we have to smuggle them, we have to hide the drugs"
  3. "I got 24 boxes of honey buns. If I don't sale them I have to eat all of them"
  4. "GOTCHA YA"
  5. "What a dufas"
  6. "I don't know how to pronounce her name so I just call her Ding-A-Ling"
  7. "That man won't stop asking us (her and her sisters) out on a date. He's crazy. But, I'm going to lunch with him Monday"
  8. "If I drink two margaritas I fall asleep. I only ever drink one"
  9. "I may not look like I'm doing anything, but when I am standing here I'm thinking. I'm busy!"
  10. "You haven't heard anything till you've heard me call the hogs"