I put out my first zine this summer (July 25th) and I'm currently working on the second one. This one will be collaborative. With stories from friends and guest writers/photographers. I grew up with thrasher magazine, waiting for CCS, and skateboard magazine. As I got older I got really into zines. Here is why
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    At least that's what everyone says. But punk/hardcore is always counter cultural. It always does things the way it wants to regardless of trends. This is where zines were created. Xerox-ing photos or old articles. Whatever it maybe be for your friends or you scene. Making it happen
  2. I love photography
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    This is the biggest reason I love Instagram (but it's so over, I know). I just love photos. Digital. Film. Polaroid. Blogs. Magazines. Everything. I have always loved it. From the moment I took photography freshman year till this morning when I was editing pictures. Im kind of obsessed with images. From skateboarding. To live music. Outdoors. Everything
  3. I have to create
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    I suck a drawing. At music. Im not a good photographer. But, I'm way worse at life. So I have to constantly be creating something. I have to be doing. Rather that's skating, camping, surfing, photography, being in a band, djaying. I always find some sort of outlet to let out my frustration. Currently it's our blog/making these zines
  4. Because print is better than online
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    I love social media. I love our blog. But there is something some perfect and beautiful about having something in your hand. Isn't that what a magazine is anyway, just a printed blog, or is a blog just an online magazine? Regardless, I love seeing images and stories cohesively in magazine format. The tangible. Kind of like vinyl, you know?
  5. Just cause I am inspired
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    I don't understand how people don't create. You can do whatever the heck you want in the world you can record on your laptop. Make a movie from your phone. So why not! Make it happen. I want to give a huge shoutout to @bobbyhundreds for being a crazy huge inspiration in everything I have done. You have no clue how much I love and respect you and your brand. Your a big reason why I'm doing this
  6. So I've started on my latest zine that will be an on going project. It's called SECRET SOCIETY OF ADVENTURES. It will have stories of adventures, both foreign and domestic. This first issue will have a rad interview with Aaron from Bane. And, much much more that I am really excited about
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