Screenshots I Have On My Phone, Explained

  1. Yesterday my little sister who has to write a paper on Piss Christ decided to do the logical thing and face swap with it. We're all so proud.
  2. This is a picture of me from 8th grade that a friend sent me. I showed my mom and she was quiet for a minute and then was like "I'm glad you've grown into your face" and "your nose used to take up half your face." OK THX AMMI.
  3. tfw Paris Hilton has better economic reform policy ideas than both presidential candidates this year
  4. This was my mom using flies and a cupcake as an analogy for the fact that I have shit taste in guys 🙃
  5. My best friend's scrapbook from 4th grade
  6. A picture of a picture of a picture of the love of my life, my baby brother, at age 2. Mashallah 😍😭
  7. Self explanatory but side note: why do all adults from the subcontinent have the same English handwriting lol?