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I'm good at writing stuff down and never following up (also a digital hoarder).
  1. One day you'll discover for yourself how strength seeps away, but I'm neither morbid nor senile. Unnoticed obsessed by death, but I'm at an age where
    And then it cuts off. From a novel I was reading and probably didn't finish.
  2. Vandana shiva water stuff
    Google her. I just did.
  3. Ripe and rot. Most love is folly
    Abridged Shakespeare?
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  1. What the big plus sign means
  2. I can publish impromptu lists and not feel guilty or regretful because I'm not linked to my other social media
  3. Postmates exists but not in my city
    Tampa is the disappointing unemployed son living in the basement who once in a while surprises you with a delicious homebrew but then runs over a cyclist in his pickup and yells about taxes.
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  1. A plush emoji (this one: 😒)
  2. A disabled tag
  3. A tiny skeleton key
  4. In the cup holder: XXL soda from Burger King
  1. I made vegan pizzas for my friend's birthday
  2. Sent my friend pic of her cat who watching while she's out of town
  3. Screenshot of vegan chocolate cake recipe
  4. Science
  1. Woke up before 10am
  2. Was in positions that were not laying down
  3. Left my house
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The PhD process is so much fun!
  1. Resentment
    Fuck that guy he doesn't know what's novel
  2. Regret
    Why did I go into academia? 4 years in, I can still quit and start a microbrewery.
  3. Rationalization
    Peer review is a useless exercise that perpetuates the need for validation and encourages narcissism, hierarchy and insecurity.
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