The Guild Seniors (cc @Debbie and @Hannah6) took Canton and Potsdam by storm on Wednesday and Thursday night, conducting a little bar tour for the sole purpose of research and science, of course. Here's what we found.
  1. The Parkview
    My time at The Parkview made me feel classy and sophisticated, and stepping back into the rainy rainy reality of Thursday evening was a let down. This cozy upstairs wine bar has a full menu (the same as the Blackbird), frequent live music, more frequent recorded music, great vibes, and a small but great bar. Check out $2 beers and $3 glasses of wine on Thursday nights and bring a date!
  2. Between the Buns
    To be clear, despite what it's name might imply, Between the Buns is an upstanding burger establishment in Potsdam. Besides the burgers, it has a fantastic bar and sports-watching atmosphere. Take your pick of beers on tap or get a well-made cocktail while you munch on tater tots and watch the Hockey game. Go Blackhawks.
  3. The St. Lawrence Brewing Company
    The Brewery is COOL. I was DDing the night we were here, so I didn't get to sample any of their brews, but from what I've heard they were pretty on point. Foosball will cost you here, but darts, board games, and the great atmosphere are free. And good music. I also got a free root beer. Everyone go to the Brewery.
  4. The Hoot Owl Express
    Don't let the fourth-place ranking fool you! The Hoot is #1 in all of our hearts. We arrived around 10:30 on the Thursday night of Fall break, so we got any table we wanted, a lot of free popcorn, and unlimited access to the juke box. This included a photo booth option that I would highly recommend, especially with the cat frame addition. Pool is a dollar a game, corn hole is free. College bar vibes. We're SLU kids. How could we not love the Hoot?
  5. The Club
    Unfortunately, one bar simply must be number five. The Club deserves better, though, and was a lot of fun. The bar is in the back of the restaurant, and it's a nice, classic place with really great quotes all over the walls. I wish we'd stayed longer and I'd had the chance to run a real tab. We'll be back!