Because what's better than snacks and exclusivity?? Note: this list was originally requested by @perry, but in my haste to post it I deleted it by accident. List App has already gotten the best of me.
  1. Smartfood White Cheddar Popcorn
    Smartfood is a winner because it's easy to anxiously eat during movies, it comes in big bags, and it's really, really good.
  2. Cheese
    Preferably cheddar. Preferably lactose free. Preferably Cabot. But we're flexible.
  3. Biscoff Spread
    Our relationship with Biscoff is really just getting off the ground, but so far it's been a big hit with or without Wheat Thins. Here's to many more Biscoff adventures.
  4. Southern Biscuits and Gravy Lays
    Were we skeptical? Yes. Were we pleasantly surprised? Yup. They're good. So are the bacon mac and cheese variety.
  5. Original Wheat Thins
    Sometimes Alex likes to exclusively eat my Wheat Thins without me present. That's okay, though; I always buy the family size so that when Exclusive Snack Time rolls around, we're all set.