Here goes, y'all.
  1. I really don't like having religion shoved in my face, but I'm extremely comfortable having religion shoved in my face.
    Ask @perry about that one time in Bojangles when I didn't bat an eye after the old lady read us a religious poem and talked about salvation.
  2. I walk really fast, but I'm always late to everything and I'm very relaxed about it.
    Also inspired by @perry. She must know me really well or something??
  3. I'm super casual and comfortable around older people, but still use "sir" and "ma'am."
    "Can I read you something you need to hear from the Bible young lady?" "Oh, yes ma'am!"
  4. Most days it's "mad cold" and sometimes it's "wicked hard," but if I'm tired or mad, my y'all and drawl makes an appearance.
    "Alright, I'm gonna need all y'all to shut right up."
  5. I'm really direct when there are problems, but I've gotten very good at waiting them out.
    Also at smiling through a problem-solving exchange even when I'm losing it on the inside.
  6. The weather, obviously.
    No, you don't know what cold is! But YOU don't know what heat is! I can clearly handle the weather better than anyone. Bless my heart.