Favourite Classics

  1. Bleak House. Dickens
  2. Dr Thorne. Trollope.
    Read all of the Barchester Chronicles years ago and enjoyed thus the most. Didn't watch the TV adaptation
  3. Treasure Island. Stevenson
  4. Jane Eyre. Charlotte Bronte.
  5. The Moonstone. Collins.
  6. David Copperfield. Dickens.
  7. Under the Greenwood Tree. Hardy
  8. Felix Holt the Radical. Eliot
  9. Adam Bede. Eliot
  10. Wuthering Heights. Emily Bronte
  11. Martin Chuzzlewit. Dickens.
  12. Pickwick Papers. Dickens.
  13. Nicholas Nickleby. Dickens
  14. The Count of Monte Christo
    Favourite book of all time.