1. No.
  2. What are we allowed to expect from another human being?
  3. Honest moments.
  4. I hope so.
  5. Otherwise why bother trying to connect?
  6. Sex.
  7. Money.
  8. Love.
  9. But what is love without honesty?
  10. Compromise.
  11. Settling.
  12. I will not settle.
  13. I will not lie about who I am.
  14. I am surrounded by a sea of unhappy people in love.
  15. They do not see their souls screaming in pain.
  16. I do.
  17. I want to scream.
  18. Be H O N E S T.
  19. With yourself.
  20. With your partner.
  21. Lies of omission are still lies.
  22. Stop telling lies.
  23. That is all I ask.
  24. Too much?
  25. I know.