it is rare these days for people to stop and listen. i try to do this as often as I can. this list will be ongoing, since it is my way to remember what strangers have shared with me.
  1. B Dub
    I did not take note of his name, but the name is based on where I met him. He told me that he had been in jail for 8 long months. His Ex-girlfriend had had him arrested and falsely accused him of assault. He had to put his life on hold and he was not freed until his day in court.
  2. Steven
    "Do you love what you do?" were the first words he spoke to me. He asked me if I was anxious to get back to work when I went on vacation. He told me that he grew up thinking he was immortal. He led a life with no fear. He told me to find things that you love at your core and make things that you love. Do this without fear.
  3. Linda
    She walked in and greeted everyone with a compliment..."Aw your baby is so cute." "I love your shirt." She told me I had a great smile. "Every day is a blessing," she said. She was a beautiful woman with her white hair pulled into a bun atop her head. She insisted on hugging me three minutes after we started talking. We talked about her grandchildren. We talked about how sometimes we need to slow down. She insisted that I hug her on her way out. I needed that hug that day.
  4. Jeanne
    She called ahead and asked me questions about shipping. Briefly, she told me she was in living hell. I told her she could ask for me when she arrived so she did not have to explain herself again. I could tell she had been crying. She had lost her fiancé last week to a horrible accident and her stepson a few weeks before. As she was sharing her story, I was the one with tears in my eyes. She has chosen to remain strong for those they left behind.
  5. Williams Smith
    As I was faxing her former husband's death certificate, she told me her current love story. She advised me to always marry for love. After 30 years and several obstacles, she and her first love found each other again. Her mother thwarted their reconnection three different times because she did not think he was good enough. Then, their paths crossed again because he never gave up and kept looking for her. She survived much hardship and he survived several wars to be brought together to love.
  6. Miss Fink
    She is 93 years old and is a watercolor artist. She catches a ride to come get things done. She makes her paintings into thank you cards for friends. Mary has an amazingly gentle spirit, but she is full of life. Her artwork reminds me to not give up and to do it for the sheer passion of creation.