Things that seem simple always get more complicated. This list is just to remind me to trust my gut.
  1. Take photos of my ex-gf and her family after we broke up.
    She only asked because I would not say no, then paid me fifty bucks. It made me feel like a cheap whore.
  2. Scan five albums worth of family photos for a woman that I used to have a crush on.
    I am only through three of the albums and there are over 600 photos. I love the stories that photos tell, but there is an intimacy that I really do not want to have with her.
  3. Live with a woman for a year and a half who I knew I was in love with her who is unabashedly straight.
    Heartbreaking to know that you will never have the equipment that they want or need.
  4. Date a woman who had never slept with a woman before (or a man).
    This was part of my "you only live once" phase. No more dating curious women.
  5. Accept friend requests from my extended family on Facebook.
    I already had limited my posts because my profile is an illusion, pieces of a life. I want real life interaction with people who mean something to me. And I had to retreat back into the closet that I escaped over 20 years ago because I do not know these people. And I don't need my 70 year old parents (who know,love & accept me) fielding questions about my sexuality.
  6. Long distance relationship.
    No. Just no.
  7. Give a speech at my brother's wedding in a dress.
  8. Talk for hours on the phone after midnight with women who I am not dating or plan on dating.
  9. Make a heartbreak playlist for an ex who is trying to get over another woman.
    Why do my ex's feel like they can ask me these things and it is okay?'
  10. Allow a friend record me in a panda onesie while playing cards against humanity.