1. when strangers touch me in an overly familiar way
    i once had a store clerk run her entire hand along my back & call me "Hun." i completely froze.
  2. people who REALLY want to be my friend
    i have only recently figured out that i am the aggressor in making friends. if someone pursues my friendship first, it almost always ends badly.
  3. flirting with people i'm attracted to
    [insert every embarrassing moment in my life]
  4. trying to figure out if someone is flirting with me
  5. friends visiting me at work
    say a quick "hi" and give me a hug, then go.
  6. getting invited to social gatherings of the group variety
    i do not enjoy small talk in any way with anyone.
  7. close friends sharing graphic details of sexual encounters
    i instantly visualize everything. everything.
  8. people talking to me in a public bathroom through the stalls