1. I get asked for help in stores, despite not being employed there.
    I have been working in retail since college. I inevitably get asked where things are or if I work there, no matter if I am in the store uniform or not.
  2. I get asked if I have a twin or a sister.
    Apparently, I have a twin somewhere in the world and they clearly have a lot of friends. I get told almost daily that I remind them of someone. And yet, I have never met anyone that looks like me.
  3. I am told that I look younger than my age.
    Not a complaint. Thanks Mom & Pop!
  4. People are determined to see what I am like drunk or otherwise impaired.
    If I have just met you, it is not gonna happen. If I am your boss, it is definitely not gonna happen. Unfortunately, you will have to leave it up to your imagination.
  5. I get asked for advice from couples on their relationships.
    The frequency of this increases tenfold when I am single. My advice on this topic is fairly positive, despite how poorly all of my relationships have ended. If someone can be helped by learning from my mistakes, then so be it. However, I am SINGLE. Perhaps you should seek advice from a couple that has been married 50 years...
  6. Some of my friendships go through weird and awkward phases.
    It makes me sad at times, especially when it is not clear why there is distance. I have come to realize that my circle of people I trust is very small. Only the strong survive.
  7. All of my exes have asked for my forgiveness and have apologized to me after the relationship ended.
    And they all want to be friends. Nope. I'm good.
  8. An employee will send me a friend request on Facebook.
    I make it clear early on that I do not connect with folks that work for me on any social media. But people don't listen. No one is going to learn anything worthwhile about me on FB. Talk to me. Ask a question.
  9. My TO-DO list becomes the "Not Gonna Do it EVER" list.
    it does make me more conscious of what I write down or list.
  10. I fall asleep when I have plenty to do and I can't sleep when I have nothing going on.