my default face is the one you see in that dp
  1. i have a phobia of wet floors. not sure what it's called (or if there's even a name for it)
  2. i am most passionate bout my tv shows
  3. i tweet a lot
  4. am constantly roasted by my mom
  5. my only flaw (heh) is that i'm a flat footer
  6. strong believer in karma. one time i was talking smack bout someone with a grape in my mouth when i suddenly swallowed it whole and choked. i didn't get to finish what i was saying.
  7. my life seems boring through pictures because i tend to forget to capture the moment when things get exciting
  8. i'm in my worst mood after someone wakes me up from my slumber
  9. i used to play the french horn
  10. i'd be screaming internally instead of sounding the horn when i'm driving
  11. i trip... a lot
  12. i can't seem to walk str8
  13. i still make mixtapes