1. Ms. Pacman
    Had to take turns with my sisters. You had to be careful because Elizabeth would have to restart if you got in her peripheral vision. "You were in my peripheral vision!"
  2. Star Trek: The Promethean Prophecy
    Seemed like it was going to be so cool until we realized we could only kick, kiss, and sit on things and if you went left the whole ship would blow up. Command: Kick Scotty. Response: You keep that up, you'll hurt your foot.
  3. Dream House
    When I went to friend's houses, I only wanted to play Nintendo but didn't want to seem too eager. (Them: What do you want to do? Me: We could play Nintendo. Uh, just kidding. Them: Yeah, I play Nintendo ALL the time. Let's do something else.) When friends came to my house, they only wanted to play Dream House.
  4. Fraction Fever
    Featuring a pogo stick that you used to bounce on equivalent fractions. You could also fall through holes to different levels. Or to your pogo death. "You have fallen off."
  5. Marble Madness
    Not fun to play with a joystick. Much better to use the rolly ball on the arcade version.