Inspired by @ghoools
  1. Ask any woman if she is pregnant
  2. Smoke around children
  3. Dress little girls like hookers
  4. Lick Popsicle sticks
  5. Cut fingernails or toenails in oublic
  6. Talk loudly on cell phones in reataurants
  7. Recite lines of a movie while watching the movie
  8. Be rude to waitresses
  9. Read out loud to me
  10. Read over my shoulder
  11. Chew gum loudly
  12. Flap your hands when you sing (ala Mariah Carey)
  13. Give me my change on top of the receipt
  14. Talk about your diet or work out regimen
  15. Purposely pronounce words wrong to be funny.
  16. Stomp around in high heels because you don't know how to walk in them
  17. Call me after 9:00 pm. Somebody better be dead!
  18. Say, "everything happens for a reason"