25 Top Rated Cocktail Bars in the U.S.

Fancy a martini, a cosmopolitan, a whiskey sour? Enjoy a top-notch libation at one of the country's best cocktail bars. Even better, let the mixologist know what you like and have them lead the way. http://4sq.com/22AfPe4
  1. The Broken Shaker [Miami, FL]
    "Fantastic ambience. Super chill backyard vibe. Tell the bartender what you're feeling." - Suraj S.
  2. Scofflaw [Chicago, IL]
    "If you have a favorite gin, they have it. Try Martin Miller's or Ransom Old Tom to start building your gin palette in style." - James L.
  3. The Dead Rabbit [New York, NY]
    "If you can find the elbow room in this always-lively joint, you won't be disappointed with the abundance of whiskey and perfectly-balanced cocktails." - Blake O.
  4. Bryant's Cocktail Lounge [Milwaukee, WI]
    "One of my absolute favorite bars. Awesome drinks and equally awesome staff. Gotta try their Mai Tai, but be careful - it's rather strong!" - Christine T.
  5. Curio [Columbus, OH]
    "Intimate place with great handcrafted cocktails. They also offer the full menu from Harvest Pizza next door." - Jiresell
  6. St. Mazie [Brooklyn, NY]
    "At St. Mazie, an easy-to-miss door across from the bar opens onto a staircase that descends to the cellar where you'll feel transported back to the 1880s." - Untapped Cities
  7. Anvil Bar & Refuge [Houston, TX]
    "Great list of original creations. Top liquors. Casual ambiance." - Ricardo H.
  8. Canon [Seattle, WA]
    "You've got to check this place out - half the experience is just watching them make the craziest drinks you can imagine" - Toby L.
  9. Dear Irving [New York, NY]
    "Great for an intimate date but also great for a power meeting. Beautiful setting with great drinks and excellent barkeeps." - Leonardo U.
  10. Black Swan Saloon [Dallas, TX]
    "Looks like a dive bar but the bartenders are cocktail experts! Just tell them what you like and they'll make you something amazing." - Maya J.
  11. Clover Club [Brooklyn, NY]
    "The drinks are close to perfection. Even those daiquiri ones. Not sweet! My fav is African Queen." - Mashka
  12. Multnomah Whisk{e}y Library [Portland, OR]
    "Wow! What a space. Endless spirit selections, excellent design, comfy seating... Like the old timey man cave of your dreams. Plus 90s RnB! ("neo soul" to be precise)" - ZZubin
  13. The Alembic [San Francisco, CA]
    "It's not a cocktail menu, it's an anthology. Each drink is given its own creation myth. Be prepared to commit your time and taste buds to trying more than two." - Emily K.
  14. Montanya Distillers [Crested Butte, CO]
    "Try the Maharaja! Amazing cocktail with tons of very interesting Indian flavors." - Adam T.
  15. Apothéke [New York, NY]
    "With extremely unique vibes, the bar's 250 plus specialty drinks are divided into categories like Health, Stress Relieves and Pain Killers." - Savoteur
  16. The Whistler [Chicago, IL]
    "A brilliant cocktail list complemented with great music make this a bar worth frequenting." - James L.
  17. Taste by Niche [St Louis, MO]
    "Great cocktails. Go with a friend and split their cheese board." - Lani A.
  18. Three Muses [New Orleans, LA]
    "Check in with the hostess at the door if you want to grab a seat at the bar. The cocktails here are fantastic (try their version of a margarita). Had a tasty little fried shrimp appetizer. Great music." - Adrian P.
  19. Hotel Delmano [Brooklyn, NY]
    "I love love love this bar. Awesome cocktails. Don't stray too far away from their signatures.. the Alibi or Devils Garden is a great place to start." - Nicole F.
  20. Good Times at Davey Wayne's [Los Angeles, CA]
    "Such a cool place-I mean, the entrance is a refrigerator door. Snow cone cocktails all year round! 🍧" - Jastine K.
  21. Dutch Kills [Long Island City, NY]
    "Great vibe, incredibly chill. All of the drinks are too easy to drink. That's the best compliment I can give." - Victoria U.
  22. Eleanor's [Smyrna, GA]
    "Bourbon fans, don't be afraid of this. Bitters bring out interesting notes, orange is a nice twist as well." - Conan S.
  23. Hodge's Bend [Tulsa, OK]
    "Unique beers and drinks; love the tin ceiling and warm library feel." - Mary K.
  24. barmini by José Andrés [Washington, D.C.]
    "What's not to like? Get your crazy cocktails with liquid nitrogen. You're worth it." - Angie H.
  25. Péché [Austin, TX]
    "One of my few favorite cocktail bars. The fig Manhattan is incredible." - Zach R.